We’re With You For The Journey

At MJV Financial we know that life is not a straight line. It has twists and bends, highs and lows, and different phases.

Any financial plan must not only include your goals but also preparation for unexpected obstacles. It also needs to include regular reviews to make sure it’s still relevant to your situation and working for you.

Retirement Planning

If you envisage a retirement made up of things like travel, leisure and generally being able to do the things you want, you will need a sound plan to ensure that happens. Many people underestimate how much money they need for retirement and find themselves in a situation that is not the lifestyle they hoped for.

Let’s start with an honest and open discussion about your current situation, your aspirations and what is going to be achievable.

We can then design a realistic strategy based on your personal circumstances.


For most people, superannuation is their largest long-term investment outside of their home. However, for many it can also be ‘out of sight and out of mind’ until their retirement starts looming on the horizon.

At MJV Financial we know that seemingly small actions taken as early as possible, can be compounded into significant returns in the future.

Our superannuation services include:

  • Matching you with the most appropriate fund
  • Consolidating multiple accounts
  • Locating lost superannuation
  • Augmentation strategies
  • Identifying an appropriate spread of investments
  • Instructing your fund’s Trustee of your beneficiary nomination
  • Advice on salary sacrificing, co-contributions, super-splitting, and spouse contributions

Estate Planning

If you want to ensure that your assets end up with your family (or whomever you wish), it is vital to make plans to ensure that happens.

MJV Financial can assist with:

  • Ensuring all beneficiaries are clearly identified on insurance and investment products
  • Ensuring all personal debts are paid before your estate is distributed
  • Recommending a legal firm to create a detailed and unambiguous will
  • Strategies to ensure your beneficiaries are not left with a large tax debt

Personal Insurance

Insurance is the part of your financial plan that includes being prepared for the unexpected.

Nobody wakes up in the morning expecting to have an accident that day or to get a life-changing diagnosis from their doctor. Most certainly, nobody wants to think about the prospect of not being around for their family anymore.

However, accidents, illness, and deaths do happen and under the circumstances, it’s far better for you and/or your family to be able to focus on supporting one another instead of worrying about abou how to cover expenses and household bills.

Types of personal insurance to consider include:

LIfe Insurance
Pays a lump sum on death or terminal illness

Total & Permanent Disability
Pays a lump sum if you are totally and permanently disabled due to illness or injury.

Income Protection
Pays a monthly income if you are unable to work temporarily due to illness or injury.

Trauma Insurance
Pays a lump sum if you are diagnosed with a major medical condition (applies to specific conditions eg. heart attack, stroke, or cancer).

As part of our regular review process, we ensure that you have the right level of cover. Your needs will change as your life changes with events such as starting a family, your children growing up, buying a home or paying off your home, or starting a business.

While you don’t want to be underinsured, it’s also important not to be over-insured so that your insurance represents cost-effective peace of mind.

Insurance in Super

Personal insurance can be purchased within superannuation

Lump Sum Payouts

If you have been made redundant or retrenched, it can be a stressful time filled with uncertainty.

An Employment Termination Payment (ETP) may provide some short term security however it is vital that you manage this money carefully in case you are unemployed for longer than expected or you want to give yourself options such starting a new career or taking time-out to regroup.

It’s also important to be aware that ETP’s have different components with different levels of tax liability. You certainly don’t need a tax debt adding unneeded stress to your situation.


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